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  Welcome to the home of Inca Organics!

 We are a bulk wholesaler of certified organic South American grains, offering premium whole grain Quinoa (KEEN-wa) and Black Andean Amaranth grain grown by over 4,000 indigenous farmers in Ecuador Our clients are leading domestic and international food manufacturers, co-operatives and distributors.  We invite consumers to visit our entire site to learn about our products and especially the Where to Buy page for more information.  

These ancient heirloom grains are not genetically modified or hybrids.  They are  excellent sources of high-quality protein, dietary fiber and iron. A most welcome addition to vegetarian diets, they are also perfect for those with food sensitivities, including gluten, wheat and soy intolerances.

Make sure to check out our recipes for excellent ideas in using Quinoa in your kitchen!

Inca Organics is a  fair trade company, ensuring that the indigenous farmers and artisans they work with receive fair compensation.  Please read about the Inca Organics project in Ecuador, which has grown to be one of the most successful development projects in South America.  If you'd like to contact us, please complete the forms on product or pricing pages.  . 

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United States: (706) 206-7434
         Ecuador: +593 2 255 1611
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United States: 355 Jennings Mill Pkwy, Suite 1213, Athens, GA 30606
         Ecuador: Apartado 17-07-9211, Quito, Ecuador
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